To demonstrate a constitutional right

To demonstrate a constitutional right
To express our views and positions
A peaceful and civilized manner
Wrote political editor of the newspaper by people:
Swept cities of our country in the recent wave of sit-ins, demonstrations and protests, headlines reflect what the suffering of the citizen, after seven years to change in 2003 of poor services, and hardship and deteriorating living conditions, rampant unemployment, and reduce the ration card items, high prices and inflation, which swallowed the increases in salaries and lack of health services, educational, municipal, and rampant corruption and the corrupt, etc., added to the push by some parties to crack down on public freedoms and trying to muzzle the mouths in clear and flagrant violation of the Constitution.
The right of citizens to demonstrate and express their opinions and express their positions is Macflh the Constitution, and that prepares Maifterd all requirements to be applied, and that the Government and its various organs of adequate protection for the demonstrators and protesters. As that of the duty of councils areas, districts and provinces, and the Council of Representatives, as the executive branch, to hear exactly what people want and seek to address the kinks and shortcomings, and pay only Htmam voices calling for adequate to meet the legitimate demands of the people.
Therefore, it is not acceptable, not at all justified the use of arms to prevent people from demonstrating, etc. caused by that of the victims. This was done in earlier Hamzah, and yesterday in Kut, after a peaceful mass demonstration in which their citizens.
As we condemn the use of violence against demonstrators, and as strong as we condemn any resort to vandalism of public and private property, which did not reflect the interest on it and the lives of people.
In these circumstances, the minute that passes by and our country, the various parties are required to respect the Constitution, and ensure the right of expression and protest in a peaceful and civilized.

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