Demonstrations, fires, and threats

Demonstrations, fires, and threats
The right of assembly and protest and demonstrate peacefully legitimate right, without any discrimination, to all human beings are safeguarded by international conventions to which ensured that human rights, nationally initiated this right in Iraq’s permanent constitution, “2005” in Article 38 thereof, as provided for in: state guarantees, as to does not violate public order and morality:
The freedom of expressing opinion by all means.
Second, freedom of the press, printing, advertising and media and publishing.
Third, freedom of assembly and peaceful demonstration organized by law
It also ensured that Article 21 of the Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, Civil this right by stipulating the following: “The right of peaceful assembly recognized. Shall not be placed restrictions on the exercise of this right other than those imposed in conformity with the law and are necessary in a democratic society, the maintenance of security national or public safety or public order or the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. ”
Accordingly, should the Iraqi government and Selttha executive in particular, to respect this right and to ensure the security of the protestors and to refrain from making accusations, as happened with Mr. Nasser Al Kaabi, where he was charged by anti-terrorism law Article IV, or style warnings from riding the Baath or the exploitation of such demonstrations or try Tzeyssha etc. of the charges, which was not the reality and logic irrelevant.
The politicization of these demonstrations is prohibited by never, either reply and warning of the Resurrection, and this matter can not be secured, by computer search for explosives!! But comes to firing the freedoms of the Iraqi citizen is the only guarantee to respond to any point hurt him.
That the practice of democracy in peaceful protest and expression of opinion is the biggest challenge for those who Ashasht dictatorship in their heads, for Apple is to defeat those who wanted in yesterday and he wants today confiscation of freedoms and the exercise of the same policies followed by the one-party and the father is the leader and the other, so the rumor that such practices should not frighten some the return of this category, or those who have committed crimes against the people of Iraq.
The important thing on the other side, is the protesters, which we all respect and the alarm it does not even abide by it, but he set fire to public property and private, which should be taboo just because they are all “no such property” does not belong to this party or that, but It is public property belong to the people and the damage it is to increase the burden on the Iraqi citizen, in addition to the burning and violence regardless of the perpetrator but the security forces or demonstrators is something we must found guilty without any courtesy to anyone, and the government to provide all of the direct fire to the issuance of the demonstrators, to eliminate the fair, since the demonstrations of Diwaniyah and the present day, and the role of the security forces do not fire on the demonstrators to prevent them from or pretend, but to protect their security and public security.
We must exercise our rights without any harassment or accusation of one and we must always remember practice the spirit of peaceful that preserve the security of the country and the citizens together, so if someone wants to stir up panic with killings, burning and destruction of whatever, from any point was, this indicates the idea of what he wants, That is why the work on controlling the nerves as much as possible is to serve those demonstrations and the goals it advocates.
Yes, raising our voice against corruption in all areas of legal, financial, functional and all aspects of life, raising our voice in order to grab our freedoms is not a gift or an honor, but one of peaceful constructive work to show our face cultural and civil.
Newsletter Sanabel 17/02/2011

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