What are the demands of Karkuk Youth ?

Governor of Kirkuk, Esquire
Mr. President of the provincial council in Kirkuk, Esquire
Distinguished members of the provincial council in Kirkuk respected
After what is recorded of the two peoples of Tunisia and the Egyptian victory over dictatorship in conjunction with the phase shift experienced by Iraq and it is hoped to be a democracy to ensure a decent life and safeguard public freedoms, and often bear the organizations of civil society the responsibility of the Sergeant and power fifth on the performance and the work of government departments, the link between Government and the people.
So today on behalf of civil society organizations in Kirkuk, and their responsibility to the people standing crowded in a conservative show the will of our people for life and Mtalpina social and economic reforms and maintenance of public freedoms.
To ensure communication and building a democratic society you raise the demands of our people:
1. The provision of the ration card items and improve the quality of that is distributed monthly.
2. Attention to the provision of essential services like water, electricity, gasoline and paving the streets ….
3. Provide health insurance to citizens, especially children and adults age
4. Activation of the oversight role of civil medical clinics Rates
5. Building factories and laboratories in order to eliminate unemployment
6. Promote the idea of small projects for young men and women and give the grant money from the petro-dollar.
7. Development of agricultural policy and the promotion and expansion of the agricultural sector and to give loans to farmers and their training on Alasalbeb and modern methods.
8. Increase the proportion of women in decision-making positions to eliminate corruption.
9. Provide the salaries of social welfare and interest of the poor.
10. Recruitment and the inauguration of positions on merit and competence.
11. Activating the role of the Integrity Commission to hold accountable the corrupt and the corrupt in conservative circles
12. Guarantee freedom of opinion and expression and peaceful demonstration.
13. Install working in the conservative circles of workers and staff Aellouktien on the permanent staffing.
“People want the rights of citizens” “People want to implement promises” and “the people want to stop corruption” and “the people want activation of the judiciary”



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