How to move in the Feb 25 demonstrations in Baghdad


** Alshola’a
– 7 am at Kadhimiya on the road (Jkok) near the highway, and then crossing over a bridge, the imams through Adhamiya, there has been coordination with the elders of Adhamiyah in order to join this event, heading towards Tahrir Square .. It will not fit on Tahrir Square, of course, such large numbers but the chart is to fill the streets of Baghdad all the demonstrators.

** Ghazaliya and Rahmaniya and Jawadain and AlHurria :
– Will kick off their demonstrations on the old road of liberty brought to Aden Kadhimiya, and then merge with the demonstrators coming from the Imams bridge ..

** Sadr City will go out on three axes:
– First: through the channel towards Mustansiriya University.
– Second: through the second channel at the bab alsharchi
– Third: through the direction of granular Al Falah Street, and assembly will be about Muhammad al-Qasim highway towards Liberation Square.

** hay alkhadra’a &  Amiriya anf hay alamel and hay aljama’a and hay alhamra’a and alma’amoon
– Will begin their movement in tandem of Amiriya, green and join them in a tunnel police, protesters from the neighborhood of the university inspired red-inspired group and meet with the demonstrators from the Yarmouk and safe in the intersection of the Eagles Square and then head toward the arena show and then Allawi Hilla then Street April 28 and then bridge Sinak then attend assembly in Tahrir Square.

** alshrta’a alkhamsa and alshorta’a alraba’a , ala’am and Saidiya, Baya:
– Will walk from the police the fourth and fifth and then meet with the people of Saidiya and the media under the new bridge near the car showrooms, and then attach to the demonstrators with the people of Bayaa near the central market of moving the crowd after the direction of the Eagles Square Garden, Zora, Alawi al-Hilla, fitness, Ahrar bridge and then merge with the demonstrators .

** Session, Abu Dshir and almechanic :
– Rally at six in the morning on the highway, and then go to the intersection of the highway towards the bridge with a deck, then the direction of Karrada outside the National Theatre, then Saadoun Street.

** Alkriet and Sulaikh houses Alstmip and quantity:
– Gather in Antar Square, starting at the eighth and the direction of the holy door, and courses to pursue Republic Street towards Liberation Square.

** Al-Obeidi, laboratories and Fudhaliyah and Arboretum and the New Baghdad district Unit:
– Gather in the main street of New Baghdad, and then go to the intersection of garage Secretariat to dock with the sons of district unit, and then moving toward the crowd Wathiq Square, then Andalus Square and Tahrir Square.

** Zayouna Street and Palestine street:
– Demonstrators will meet under a bridge near the highway garage renaissance, then jump, Square, Square, and then editing.

** aliskan  and Topchi and Utaifiyya:
– Assembly near the intersection of Buratha Mosque Al-Karkh hospital, and then crossing the bridge of iron, willing Khatun holy door at Tahrir Square, Republic Street.


3 thoughts on “How to move in the Feb 25 demonstrations in Baghdad

  1. As an Iraqi, I DEMAND and want to see the change now!
    Our dignity is more precious than the illegal wealth they want to protect. No compromise any more.

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