Please print this statement the day before the event and distribute it to the army and police.

Your Iraqi mothers and sisters call upon you, our sons, those who sacrifice their lives for us, those who defend us from terror in the worst of times. Your courage and sacrifice for this oppressed people will not go unnoticed.

Our hope is that you will continue on the path of loyalty by doing what is expected of you. Your courage and will to protect your nation, the nation where your mothers and sisters were born, and where they lived to suffer every moment of their lives. Our destiny is one and so is our God.

We either live an honourable life, or an existence under a government of impoverished Iraqis who struggle to find what to eat for their next meal while the country floats on the largest oil reserves in the world, while we live in homes even animals would reject to live in, and while the government continues to build palaces and villas for itself in and outside Iraq.

Brothers, members of the army, and the police, the wealth of our country is abundant and is enough to place Iraq in the ranks of developed nations; but unfortunately, its revenues go only to the bank accounts of parliamentarians inside and outside the country.

Our revolution is peaceful and our demands rightful. Do not allow them to deceive you or incite you to hurt your poor brethren, citizens of the same Iraq, the richest country in the world whose people are dying, starving, its youth loitering, and its graduates spending their lives at the doors of their ministry offices in the hopes of finding a job to protect their families from starvation and poverty.

Instead of compensating us for what we endured during the former regime, from the scourge of war, siege, and injustice, here they are observing us while we kill each other while they divide us into blocks and communities so that they can rob us and get away with their actions.

Their life of pleasure and wealth made them forget their poor people who are mired in concerns of water, lack of electricity, and food rations, yet our demonstrations come as a surprise!

How long will the people remain silent and broken? Do they believe that all this nation is able to do is sit in cafes while the bank accounts of parliamentarians continue to fill up? That the poor, ordinary Iraqi returns to his home full of sorrow, defeated and subjugated, not knowing what to do to provide for his family or how to feed them the next three daily meals? Oh Brothers, Iraq is ours! It is time the wealth is returned to its rightful owners! Oil belongs to all Iraqis!

Be as courageous as your brothers in the Egyptian army during their revolution against their tyrant. You are no less than them–your sense of national faith and your rights are the same.

Do not let them provoke you, do not let them turn you into the hand that strikes its mothers and sisters, brothers and fathers. Do not let them silence your voices; your burdens and troubles are our burdens and troubles.

Unite with your brothers against injustice; we have high hopes in you. You are from the people by the people. Our hearts plead with God to keep you safe, sound, and away from the evils of division and disorder.

Thanks from Iraqi Streets 4 Change Team , to Our Friend Noor for translation

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