day of regret Demonstrations in Baghdad

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On the first anniversary of Iraq’s parliamentary election called the Iraqi List to achieve the demands of citizens in order to achieve the legitimacy of the current system, and began the thousands of people demonstrated in Baghdad and other cities under the slogan “Day of Penitence” to express remorse to participate in the last parliamentary elections and give their support for the current leaders, raising the fingers have been painted red.

Outstanding calls to participate in the “Day of Penitence” Iraqi
Baghdad: amid tight security, began thousands of Iraqis to gather in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad and other Iraqi cities in the demonstrations and peaceful protests waving Iraqi flags and banners calling for reform of the system and the provision of services and the sacking of the Baghdad Provincial Council and local councils in other provinces and spoilers to the trial.

The demonstrators raised their finger has been painted red instead of purple, which was used in the coded when conducting the voting process on the seventh of March (March) in 2010. The security forces prevented television channels from broadcasting the course of events immediately after the live broadcast banned cars from approaching the Tahrir Square. Was seen as the Iraqi government on Monday on an official time of all the institutions.

The minister said the State government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement today that the official time of all the institutions do not routinely truth to the rumors from the disruption of state institutions. For his part, said a spokesman for the Baghdad operations command Maj. Gen. Qassim Atta, not to impose a ban on roaming individuals or wheels, as happened during the protests in the capital and other Iraqi cities, during the last two Fridays.

Despite the confirmation of Atta that the security forces able to secure the protection of peaceful demonstrations, but he pointed to the need to resort to alternatives to demonstrate on Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, not to disrupt normal life in the capital, such as identifying places protected and ready to receive events such as the playground of the people or industry or Karkh or Zora gardens or Jadiriyah until insurance protection to the demonstrators and there is no disruption of life.

Iraq had witnessed a general election in the seventh of March (March) last year, and won by the Iraqi National List, but the Shiite political forces gathered in a single entity, is the Iraqi National Coalition, to form a parliamentary bloc, the largest that has the right to form a government, which nominated al-Maliki for the presidency, did not could only announced in late December (December) last, after nine months of holding those elections.

Also saw Iraq’s provinces during the last two Fridays demonstrations traveled around the country calling for reform and change and the eradication of rampant corruption in the joints of the state organized by the youth of the university students and independent intellectuals and citizens from all classes through social networking sites on the Internet.

Iraq: Responding to the demands of the protesters will confirm the legitimacy of the system
The Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said the response to the demands of the demonstrators are gain system in the country, its legitimacy, and said it was not fair today to make people suffer as a result of the revival of a new bout of political conflict and the conflicts and tensions and Altakndqat, at a time when we desperately need it to solidarity and partnership to fulfill the service accrual and humanitarian.

Said in a statement the first anniversary of the Iraqi elections has received a “Khaleej Times,” a copy of it that “A year ago today on the seventh of March crawled crowds of Iraqis to the polls to elect their representatives in the House of Representatives, in defiance of terrorist bombings and suicide attacks in order to enhance the democratic experience and the fruits, of in building a modern civil based on the rule of constitutional institutions and entrenched nature of the concept of citizenship and the value of freedom and the principles of human rights and social justice, transparency and well-being and prosperity, the same principles that came out for which the Iraqis on the streets of Baghdad and the provinces in the protests, civil and peaceful demonstrations to express their views in the framework of the Constitution, and offer their legitimate demands in the provision of basic needs and public services and employment opportunities and activating anti-corruption systems and to ensure respect for human rights. ”

She stressed that the Iraqi state are now obliged to respond to these popular demands conscious is the interaction with them and meet them in the comprehensive national vision and policies sober is the cornerstone of the acquisition of state officials for the legitimacy of achievement after the granting of the Iraqi people in this day a year ago, electoral legitimacy, which now faces a test real, a legitimacy that can be installed and confirmation of eligibility by, except through the achievement of legitimate achievement in meeting the needs of the people and gain confidence in improving the quality of life and the provision of services and ensure human rights and freedoms and social security.

She said the experience proved the formation of the current government the nature of the problems facing the formation of the political system in Iraq emanating from the experience of an emerging democracy, and therefore did not evolve consensus to form the government and other institutions only after months of labor and humility and a waiver of the Iraqi.

And said it was not fair today to make our patient suffers as a result of the revival of a new bout of political strife and conflicts and tensions and Altakndqat at a time when we desperately need the solidarity and togetherness to satisfy the entitlement service and humanitarian law, especially that the Iraqis are preparing for days of the Reformation percent announced by the Government, and observing the performance of the Executive The positions of the constitutional institutions and the political blocs of the reform process “and not all of us unless we are in a moat of people served humble of Iraq and its people stand by the supreme national interest, and we support strongly and without hesitation the ongoing reforms and development and promotion without pay attention to the fortunes of a person or group or party, or the cluster and this commitment, we promised our fans do not hesitate to make the most dear in order to establish what we promised our people. ”

She added that the Iraqi people demanded reform, and we must engage all of us in the reform process shoulder to shoulder as a team and take responsibility for reform and correction and rationalization and strive to serve the people of the long-suffering, and the time for remedy, but it remains subject to completion of requirements government of national partnership, which is in the forefront of meeting the conventions concluded in the framework of the Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani, has been delayed implementation without justification or excuse, and thus disrupt many Mnktt reconstruction and reform, which no longer keep silent about it possible, but to be a showdown of the Iraqi people the fact that things so as not to cast the responsibility on everyone .

Of the Iraqi Shia Jaafari
For its part, said of the Iraqi Shia Jaafari said in a statement today that Iraq has entered a new historical stage with the popular uprising that began on February 25. And the world and the Arabs with their families look to the “new Iraq” to come back to play its leading role in the region and the Arab world and internationally. She noted that the timing of what is happening in Iraq has nothing to do preloaded with big countries that want to rearrange the cards in the Middle East, which were also held events Tunisia expression of the anger of the people and there are files will open up against many of the politicians, MPs and leaders, particularly those who have established close private and confidential and the public with the Iranian regime.

She stressed that these demonstrations will be a comma between so suspicious relationships and a new date be written by the people of the day, if you must for protests to continue until the fall of the current system and the formation of an interim government of ministers, it is for women and youth share a large, broad and creative in, and the holding of new parliamentary elections so that does not People’s remorse after the demonstrations are also held this day in day on 7 March in Tahrir Square in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities.

She explained that all the evidence confirms that the demands for reform has become feasible and demonstrations will escalate, the United Nations to assume responsibility for managing the country until new elections and the formation of a national government. Can be the President of the Parliament the task of managing affairs of the country temporarily by the Government of Tknaqrat temporary and begin to amend the Constitution and the enactment of the identities of parties, non-sectarian, non-racial before holding parliamentary elections within a period not exceeding 6 months.

The seventh anniversary of the March elections .. Day to regret
, The activists said the Iraqis today, organizers of the demonstrations on the anniversary of the first of the recent parliamentary elections that they want to declare their remorse to participate in the election and selection of the current leaders.

The activists, who called themselves the “Coalition of Youth Freedom Monument” in the statement reached the “Corporation” a copy of it today, “in joining in years, which crushed the life of Iraqis, a year has passed and lost it promises velvet made us believe it and believe them, and go for election, and we went our challenge of terrorism all in order to to give them legitimacy, and we did not know that they are objects of their computers turned repressive Bbdladtha and convinced her black gown to the terrorists, the Authority and the state we are the rightful owners, not them. ”

They said “a year of setbacks for public freedoms and a year full of violations of the sanctity of life that has made Iraqi pride, even if house of tin or school clay and Bomyin leading the education project and militia leaders are leading the dream of safety and tribes of thieves bred leading the so-called reconstruction, all of this and we did not see; in our demonstrations to Jmotain consecutive any role for trade unions in our country that the trade unions that it was she who drive change and reform in the world, and stayed to take the role of spectator to us young people, through satellite state that displays the eyes of officials, and what they want to convey to others and afraid, or through satellite channels, which exposed the forms of barbarism the picture, audio, and certificates of the demonstrators, who carried the roses and beaten with batons as if they were in a war zone. ”

The political activists, saying, “year, you are not the makings of the Government, but after eight months of our lives, and your anxiety so as long as Amtyazatkm that are stealing gown illegal at the expense of our hunger, and deprive us and our suffering will continue until no time official only in your country you came from or at the resorts you and your families away from the “dirt” and free Aera .. Nbrd in the winter and summer Nkioi hell, and you are concerned about us and the spoils of Mhassatkm Asraatkm and Cefqatkm. ”

And Asttrdoa “a year has passed and we are like a flock listens to you publicly deny the intuition that you will not come to us except for those privileges, according to the citizen’s sitting orphan in another ladder your accounts .. If Matkremtem This rarely Mafltm Ftermon us waste time to listen to the complaint raised by the electronic press or media and channels ( biased) and describe it now.

They pointed out that “a year ago did not end auctions sale ministries and positions yet .. a year ago, and Iraq, who was elected on 7 March 2010 is not the same as Iraq yesterday is Iraq February 25 .. it is time to listen and listen and know that Creitkm be determined by the People’s Parliament in Tahrir Square, All squares to demonstrate in Iraqi cities.

They stressed, saying, “We will go out on the seventh day of March, in every street and house and yard and alley, and on surfaces and in public parks, universities and ministries and in every corner of the land of our home, raising our fingers overprinted in black Beware of regret for our election.”

The activists called on all Iraqis to cross the wire a cultural and symbolic advertisers remorse at having this parliament and “did not come out, either to be the beneficiaries or system corruption, or who do not care about the smell of dirt, which became a tattoo all the cities and streets of Iraq, and has become a cause of epidemics, Iraq was among the first countries in the region ruled by these diseases.

And demanded that the Press Syndicate sit and held its members to express their remorse, they are today are not the best event of yesterday, not in terms of services, but affiliated to the powerful, in terms of freedom of expression and neutral media, and not to reverse the Nguibaa role of the union leadership in order plots of land and identification with what you want the government to convey to people is not.

They explained that this applies also acted union writers who did not condemn the assault on civil liberties in these events, and stands with the voice of the disadvantaged Fri dropped after the anger of all the charges, which plastered the demonstration and demonstrators. They said, “The Baath was there suppression of the security forces are not the objectives of the demonstration.” Either join us we are young and they really are the conscience of the nation and the makers of tomorrow and their thoughts and their actions, but Iraq will never forget and will not forgive them this silence.

They said the participation of writers were individual to a small number of them if Makornt numbers of members of the Union based in Baghdad “did not touch them explicit condemnation loud and generally repressive measures, affected some authors and artists, but to call shy demanded that the government release the detainees from the book of the Union”.

He said activists are Iraqis, “The day of penitence is expected, and this Mantmanah post the rest of the trade unions, such as: Bar Association, which was one of the unions first went out to a one-time in order to ease the procedures in dealing with them by the government then did not see it on Fri anger, nor in Fri dignity is the Medical Association and engineers and all other unions required to participate Day remorse, no case of its members with the best of the case the rest of the Iraqi people, especially the trade union, which crush the working day to the point of slavery of unemployment unrestrained and inflation nominations party at the expense of their rights .. and as well as agricultural union and the Federation of Industries and Pharmaceutical Association and the Chamber of Commerce and all trade unions and other organizations and student unions in universities, all are invited to clarify their position: Do they trade unions or the Government of the people? ” .. They should remember their role and the national union and join us, and the only place the arms of government corruption. ”

They stressed that the Tahrir Square, as was the will kiss truthful and patriots who will go out as they did before the peaceful holding this time fingers ruing the revolution radiation around Parliament Althassi to black, warning the government and parliament of any arbitrary curfew or hysteria security cut across Baghdad or cities Iraq “.

Activists have warned the authorities, saying “the time will not actually be on remorse for the Iraqis deprived, but might make it on Ndmkm all.” At the same powers announced youth sites Facebook and the movement of rebels Baghdad and the Great Revolution and Youth for Change and others to on Monday will be the date for the launch events in the general areas of Iraq under the slogan “Day of Penitence” expression of regret for all Iraqis “on the election of this parliament, the bad, and the government underemployment, which has not been completed despite the passage of a year to conduct elections. ”

It is scheduled to raise the demonstrators from the ceiling of their demands, which were determined to provide services and jobs and the fight against corruption to claim b: lifting of the curfew at the exit of events and change the political system and the political process and change the constitution, which paved the way for governments seizing sectarian and provide all the corrupt courts to the public, and not to hide any corrupt and exit of occupation forces in the U.S. soon.

The accused Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said a section of protesters demanding the fight against corruption and unemployment and improving living conditions and services in the country of seeking to undermine the political process and the country back to square zero.

He stressed that what he described as partners in the political process are not one degree of commitment and attention to state building. He said “After listening to the demands of the demonstrators and found there what is real and the draft to the ministers, governors and provincial councils met, but at the same time there are demands illegal because we found those who demand to blow up the political process and cancel the elections and the constitution so the exploitation of people’s demands for the fulfillment of those purposes is unacceptable.”

For his part, Speaker announced Osama al-Maliki, said the council will add, at his request in a hearing on Thursday after it was scheduled for the day Monday to talk about the demonstrations and determine the timeframe of the events of the required reforms, indicating the possibility of hosting the governors and provincial councils.

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