Statement About the arrest of a group of young

Statement of the civil initiative to preserve the Constitution

About the arrest of a group of young

We are shocked by news of the arrest of a group of young people, including Ali Abdul-Zahra and Ma’an Thamer Ismael and Mohammed Kazem cup and Ali Sehud Fawaz, because of their participation in the effectiveness of today’s civil 7-3 in Tahrir Square in Baghdad, which was held on the occasion of anniversary of the general election, and the reluctance of the forces of winning for achieving the programs and campaign promises made during the campaign.

Strongly condemn these practices, and we hold the authorities responsible for maintaining security on the lives of these young men and four other detainees, and are not subject to abuse, and release them immediately.

Non-governmental organizations in Iraq is that democracy and human rights are subjected to serious risks, through the flagrant violations of the Constitution, trampling on civil liberties to prevent demonstrations, arrests and intimidation against activists, civilians and civil society institutions, as opposed to what was guaranteed by the Constitution in Article (37) not A passport arrest or investigate him except by judicial decision, and the prohibition of the use of all types of psychological and physical torture and inhumane treatment, and despite the provisions of Article 38 of the Constitution to guarantee freedom of expression, assembly and peaceful demonstration.

Go to the members of the House of Representatives and representatives of the judiciary, and all civil society organizations, and representatives of public opinion, and those interested in the defense of human rights within Iraq and the world, to raise their voices for the release of those arrested because of their demonstrations peaceful, and stop violations of the Constitution and the principles of human rights, especially the right demonstrations and freedom of expression.

Waiting for your solidarity with us.

Civil initiative to preserve the Constitution

Baghdad on 8 March 2011


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