More than 160 violations against journalists and media organizations in two weeks

More than 160 violations against journalists and media organizations in two weeks


The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory expresses its concern as a result of attacks against journalists in all governorates of Iraq, including Kurdistan, and this is the attacks on the press a real threat to freedom of the press and expression.

The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory record numerous cases of violations against the media institutions and journalists show explicitly an absence of the rule of law and lack of respect for the security authorities of the Iraqi Constitution and international conventions including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The security authorities have launched a major campaign initiated by the raiding news organizations in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, and proceeded to detain journalists and stopped working channel home space and smashed equipment and broke into the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory, on 23 February and seized some equipment.

With closed military forces in the province of Salah al-Din four local radio stations, Radio Salah al-Din and FM radio and radio Deertna Baiji and country radio for three days. And attacked the journalists and photographers and smashed their equipment field and seized by some of them without legal justification and subjected them to torture in places of detention.

The journalists were in the Kurdistan region has done to suppress armed groups and other formal and destroyed the television and radio, “Nalia” after fully lit it on fire and the gunmen were radio “Dnگ” attacked by an armed group.

Register and the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory, through his representative Mitter Center for Defending Journalists in the region, approximately sixty cases of assault on journalists and media institutions.

And documented the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory Video clips and picture displays a lot of journalists beaten by security forces and the security men and smashed cameras of the press.

According to statistics and Freedoms Observatory and the Center for Metro, the number of attacks on journalists in all parts of Iraq to more than 150 cases, including about 60 in violation of the Kurdistan region.

The indicators of attacks on journalists and media organizations that (33) journalists have been subjected to arrest and detention, while the exposure (40) press release of the prevention and beatings in addition to confiscation of equipment, some of them or destroyed, while another (12) journalists injured different each other because they use stun grenades or beat by riot police and security forces, and was (9) media organizations to raid and shut down the inspection and security forces (5) which then allowed it to later times to work again.

The Center of Metro partner to the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory in the Kurdistan region of attacks on journalists, b (51) state to prevent and beat journalists and confiscate and destroy their equipment and exposure (7) were arrested and injured and wounded, told reporters, as was (3) media organizations to various attacks.

The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory expresses its concern of those attacks, he strongly condemns and calls for the Iraqi government to do its part to reduce these attacks and violations. And at the same time pays tribute to the observatory apology Iraqi officials for attacks and harassment and their institutions have been subjected, and Oihdd Observatory as the authorities must do what you can to ensure the necessary environment for journalists to do their part to cover the events and demonstrations without harassment. It also urges the authorities to investigate these attacks and bring those responsible to the Iraqi justice for the suppression of freedoms.

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