Strengthening the monitoring and reporting skills of Iraqi human rights actors

Strengthening the monitoring and reporting skills of Iraqi human rights actors
Baghdad, 30 March 2011 – To strengthen the monitoring and reporting skills of human rights actors in Iraq, the Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR) in partnership with UNAMI Human Rights Office (HRO) completed a three-day training session on monitoring and documenting human rights violations. A total of 27 Iraqi civil society organisations active in the human rights field and 13 staff members from MoHR benefited from the training that took place at the UNAMI Headquarters in Baghdad.

“The representatives of civil society organisations are now the real actors on the ground. We hope that they will pursue this work that we, at the Ministry of Human Rights, are supporting it with all necessary steps that they deem relevant to advancing the situation of human rights in Iraq”, said the Deputy Minister Dr. Abdulkarim Abdulla Shalal at the closing ceremony.

The training was jointly conducted by MoHR and UNAMI HRO. While UNAMI experts briefed participants on international humanitarian and human rights law, the Ministry staff helped improve their understanding of international treaties and mechanisms monitoring human rights violations.

The training covered several areas including the international and national human rights principles, standards and instruments. A special focus was put on enhancing the participants’ ability to plan and conduct impartial and accurate research and investigations into human rights violations.

“Monitoring and reporting on human rights abuses and violations is crucial to addressing human rights issues in Iraq. Through this type of training, UNAMI is fulfilling its mandate which calls for supporting and strengthening the capacity of the Government and the people of Iraq to protect and promote human rights in the country”, said Mr. Andrea Ori from UNAMI Human Rights Office.

The training was conducted by trainers from the National Human Rights Institute, part of the MoHR, along with UNAMI human rights experts and a representative of the Bar Association who highlighted the Iraqi laws covering human rights violations.
A representative of the Ministry of Interior /Human Rights Directorate briefed participants on the mechanisms available at the Directorate in dealing with human rights violations, while a judge from the High Judicial Council/ Central Investigation Court shed light on the judicial procedures.

While assisting the Ministry’s efforts to meet its human rights’ obligations, UNAMI HRO supports the establishment of an informed and active Iraqi civil society that effectively and responsibly promotes a culture of human rights in the country.


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