Youth and students in Egyptian Tahrir Sq.

At the invitation of the Union of Progressive Youth in Egypt, in cooperation with the Federation of Youth and Students World “delegation” will be a delegation from the federal student-General of the Republic of Iraq and the Iraqi Democratic Youth in the thirteenth of April this solidarity visit to the Egyptian capital Cairo takes ten days.
The official said the Office of relations in the General Union of Students Yasser vegetables that our union and the Union of Youth had received an official invitation from Egypt’s youth to visit Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and the fundamental place of the Egyptian revolution.
Khader added that “the program also includes a series of political meetings with many of the forces that contributed to the revolution with the Council of the Afro-Asian solidarity with the Progressive Youth Union of the Egyptian.”
Khadr said that the Union of Youth and Students Democratic World “delegation” will be a meeting of the Middle East during the time of the visit. He said the delegation of Iraq will be a major intervention at this meeting to explain the latest situation of youth and students in the Iraqi arena and Arabic.
And the relations officer in the Student Union Yasser Course also that the form of a delegation of 14 members from different provinces of Iraq, in addition to the Kurdistan Region to visit Egypt to see the Egyptian experience and the Student Solidarity Iraqi students in Egypt and continued that the delegation from the European Union met in recent days Consul of Egypt in the Egyptian Embassy in order to obtain a visa to enter Egypt.
He said that Khadr will visit Egypt, approximately 20 student organizations and Chaababebp from different countries of the region in addition to a number of student organizations and global youth.
This states that the General Union of Students in the Republic of Iraq has had extensive contacts with the Union of Progressive Youth Egyptian brother during the revolution and gave them the support of solidarity.

Press office
General Union of Students in the Republic of Iraq


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