A report on Journalist rights violations in Iraq

A report on Journalist rights violations in Iraq

United States of America:

The Secretary-General of the gathering of world peace: Mr. Salem Al-Saeedi

Concerned about the status of detained journalist and writer, lawyer, Morteza Aahtor

Working in the field of legal advice by the Iraqi security services

In the province of Dhi Qar, where he was arrested without being charged and without a warrant issued by judicial authorities, and this is a flagrant breach of human rights and a flagrant violation of the Iraqi Constitution

He called Saidi to release him immediately and called for the lifting of a detailed report on violations which have occurred recently to the United Nations, human rights and Amnesty International and the Organization of Middle Weiss Watch to monitor human rights and to the U.S. State Department at the same time appealed to the Iraqi Journalists Union to move immediately for the release of their colleague

He also called on civil society organizations and Iraqi human rights organizations to take its oversight role, and to expose such violations of the reports of flying to the relevant organizations to curb these abuses and violations of human rights and dignity

He urged the Secretary General of the Community of Global Peace Professor Salim Al-Saidi, the Iraqi government to move forward in all aspects of the rule of law and human rights through the introduction of further reforms to strengthen the legal and judicial system and improve conditions of detention and access to justice

He explained that the situation in prisons and detention centers is still a matter of concern, and recommends reviewing the legal framework in order to take necessary step to move from a system based on the recognition system based on the evidence and the evidence and not on the denunciations and personal vendettas and cronyism and the purchase of receivables

Salem al-Saidi

Secretary-General of the gathering of world peace

United States of America


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