advice from Iraqi child to world leaders

Why all this?
In the past few months we have seen the revolution against Arab leaders around the Arab nation  Starting from Tunisia , continuing with Egypt and in the mean time Libya but the important question Here is why all this upraising ? Is it because the Arab nation had enough from their unfair leaders or is there a second hand in all this….. starting from Zen-Alabdin during  his almost 25 presidential  years What all he did is filling his pockets and his corrupted government  ,and  other negative issues worth to talk about , then the Egyptian youth power  using  the most powerful  weapon right know “internet ” through social networking ( Facebook , Twitter, ect)   they had managed to over through the president and most of the system in nearly three weeks, no wander we see the leaders around the world complementing  youth strongest  !!!!!!
In Libya there is a difference because the Libyan nation is facing a dictator who is ready to kill and  destroy each corner in his country just to keep his legacy , basically it is a civil war between Gadafi and the upraises , but in Libya’s case there is a third party involved “” witch is simply the most powerful army forces in the world ( France , USA and  UK ) well if this three forces united cannot take Gadafi out then he is free …… but  maybe the main reason why this man is still in charge … because most of European countries reliance on importing Libya’s oil, Actually he and his son’s over 30 years of ruling this country he has managed to build an emperor for his family through owning a  Cell Phone Company, Oil Company, media channels, news papers, etc…..    some reports say his fortune is nearly 40 billion US dollars  after Libya other countries started such as Bahrain , Yemen , Iraq , but I’m questioning and may others have same concerns , Will it goes beyond the Arab nation? Only the time will cover all the things……
My advice for the Leaders in the world is do not avoid the youth, other ways believe me you “WILL LOOSE”
Thank you for reading……..

By: Daryan Salah
Age: 15 years

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