Condemned to the attacks on Baghdad tahreer square demonstrators

Condemned to the attacks on Baghdad tahreer square demonstrators

To the President of  Iraq Republic

To the President of  Iraqi Parliament


we condemns in  our name and the name of all the  civil society activists and Iraqi bloggers and  on behalf of every Iraqi citizen  who tries to   exercise his  the rights  within   Iraqi constitution, which went out to vote for  under the threats of terrorism,  we raise your condemnation of the ongoing attacks against demonstrators in tahreer Square and the failure of troops to secure their safety  , but on the contrary troops supported    the infiltrators who tries to sabotage the demonstrations

Today one of the  founding member of our site and civil society activists and  free Iraqi citizen suffered brutal  attack  and was severely beaten in front of the eyes of army troops  without your security forces try to  move  , is this our new and this democracy that we fight for it?

We invite you to stand and condemn  and questions the security forces and to demands from  the Government to implement the demands of demonstrators into  a realistic, real way  and  to stop putting obstacles in front of them and trying to sabotage their free demonstrations , they are exercising their right to expression, and we remind you  that their voices are the tools that got you   today to power  , and it will remove of  any institution Governor that can not fulfill    its duty to serve the nation ,

democracy requires a national army and a Governor to serve the citizen wither they support or opposite their views , it is your responsibility either you fulfill it or leave it to those who can
protecting   media and the protesters and activists are part of the duty of any democratic institution plays its role effectively and freely is the responsibility and obligation   your job to follow  who performs them and guarantee to secure for all

For Iraq and for freedom and the Constitution

Condemn and call

Iraqi streets web site

collation of  activists and bloggers from Iraq

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