Open Letter

Open Letter
His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Iraq
His Excellency, the Iraqi Prime Minister
His Excellency, the Speaker of Iraqi Council of Representatives
The Iraqi civil society was not created by the event of change in 2003, as civic activities and cultural events organised by humanitarian associations and organisations in Iraq prior to 2003 in the Kurdistan region and the struggles of activists and organisations to defend the rights of the Iraqi people at international and regional organisations, was one of the key factors in changing the point of view of international public opinion towards the sufferings of the Iraqi people with all its components.
The moment of change in 2003 was a new starting point in broader horizons to serve the nation and the citizens of Iraq. The Iraqi civic organisations proved their patriotism, credibility and effectiveness in building the Iraqi State and to have active participation in important events such as elections, the referendum on the constitution, national reconciliation, the protection of minority rights, helping the poor and vulnerable people, rehabilitation of disabled persons and persons with special needs and to contribute to disseminate the culture of democracy, human rights and defending the rights of women and other activities such as “Civil Initiative to Preserve the Constitution”, which had great merit in pushing forward the political process, as well as a variety of activities promoted by the Iraqi civic organizations despite the lack or absence of support by the Iraqi State institutions.
When talking about the exploitation of organisations as a cover for terrorist activities and financial corruption, it must be remembered that they are not excluded from to the overall Iraqi reality both in terms of government agencies and other community sectors, and to minimize these negative phenomena needs to a balanced long-term policy, moving towards establishing the rule of law, the reform of law enforcement institutions, and re-examining the concept of State’s role and functions away from the concept of totalitarian regimes in the confiscation of public freedoms and human rights abuses. The emphasis must be on the principles of partnership among the government, parliament, the judiciary, the private sector and civil society in the rebuilding of the State on the basis of democracy.
The Iraqi organisations feel severe pain regarding repeated attempts and statements of some of the leading figures in Iraq to focus on some abnormal behavior by infiltrated individuals in the civil society and the promotion of this type of behavior as a reflection of the Iraqi civil society. These acts do not indicate the knowledge and wisdom to deal with the Iraqi influential civil sector that serve the homeland and the citizens.
Based on the above facts, the Iraqi organisations appeal to the gentlemen in the three presidencies and put in their hands a set of demands to maintain an active civil relationship and national partnership between institutions of the Iraqi State and Iraqi civic organisations:
1 – Stop the acts of violations of the constitutional Article No (35), which stipulated the State support for and the development of civil society in Iraq.
2 – Enable and facilitate the task of the Iraqi civil society to play its role in contributing to the building of national programmes and its implementation and evaluation in partnership with the institutions of the Iraqi State to serve the Iraqi people.
3 – Stop the organised excesses and the continuing violations against civil society activists and to allow them to express their views democratically in accordance with constitutional principles that guarantee rights and freedoms.
4 – Commitment to the objectives of the NGO law No. (12) of 2009, which aims to support organisations and to facilitate the registration procedures and stop confusing the NGOs through the regulations that are incompatible with the substance and objectives of the law.
Civil Initiative to Preserve the Constitution
09 June 2011

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