another Attack aginst the Iraqi Activist Hayder Hamzoz

Attack aginst the Iraqi Activist Hayder Hamzoz

23 Saturday Jul 2011


Translation BY :- Wameeth Al-kassab

In a repeating case of attacks on civil activists ,journalists , reporters ,and press freedom in Iraq ,another attack took place today , freedom of speech is not protected by the press freedom law that had been issued by the Iraqi journalists league that received governmental support ,they along with several organizations in Iraq including the media protection center and the center to protect press freedom and anther many press and media protecting institute all who had no effective role in protecting the free voices in Iraq against the oppressive power of violence to silence the free voices of press and media
For the 2nd time the Iraqi civil activists hayder hamzoz was attack and beaten in tahrir square on the bab alsharqy distract in Baghdad, Iraq as he was covering civilian peaceful demonstrations each Friday
For those who donot know tahrir square it is a majore sequare and park in the center of Baghdad city where for the past few months Iraqi people gather there every Friday since last February to demonstrate for their legal rights for better life and services as electricity, water and fuel ,also many prisoners and détentes families came to ask for their relatives fats and rights ,they all call for reform of the governing system and clear the government from corruption
Hayder hamzoz is one of the activists who since the start of the demonstrations work to cover and post material to cover the activities of the demonstrators and the youth of the tahrir square ,he is a leading activists in calling for reform and stop corruption and activating human rights for the Iraqi people
On the 22 of April he was first attack by group of governmental thugs, they beat him and stole his touch mobile which he used to cover the gatherings and peaceful demonstrations, this happened in front of the Iraqi forces 11 platoon which is responsible to surrounded the demonstrators every Friday and oppress them with the help of a groups of civilians who beats and attack them, the spokesman for Baghdad army command operations described the attack as a normal fight among group of young people
The 2nd attack and the most recent took place on the 22 of July 2011 ,came after many threats send to hayder to close his facebook account and stop his blogs and work
Today demonstration suffered of infiltration of many thugs and governmental against in civilian cloths ,they stopped the protesters from burning the Iranian flag and started several anti-bath calls which lead to a conflict with the demonstrators , this lead to army forces to interfere and starts to shoot live ammunition randomly on the demonstrators ,hayder cover this shooting on his camera ,as soon as the forces notice that they attack him and a group of soldiers beats him and kick him with their boots ,also they stool his mobile and his camera and they handed it to the against in civilian cloths ,

To our frind hamzoz we say that your blood and tears worth more than anything they steal ,smile our brother as night must end and chains shall be broken as long as it takes ,and those who are attach to power and chairs should remember saddam 35 yrs end ,how his power was defeated in the end and fall and lead us to such stat
Smile ,we are used to take courage from your smile ,you and all the tahrir heroes


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